The Top Restaurants in Hyderabad to Explore

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If you are a foodie let loose in Hyderabad, then the rich, exotic aroma of Hyaderabadi Biriyani, Haleem or Dum Pukht and the tasty Payas will make you want to visit the best eateries and food joints to relish the best cuisine delicacies. This seems to be an expensive affair. However, if you save by investing on cheap flights to Hyderabad from for your tickets then you get to save big and use the same for your food expedition. As for the restaurants, discussed below are some of the best names that you can try out.

Barbeque Nation

Hyderabad’s Barbeque Nation provides an engaging, warm and fun dining experience! You can start your dinner here with the pre-fixed food menu that has 5 barbecued starters that is the main highlight here. Every table here has been furnished with a grill so that you and other tourists can keep their starters all warm. Other sauces and marinades are also served. Every table has got a small flag. This means that the alert service keep an inflow of the starters till the time the flag goes up. Just in case you are done with the starters and want to take a break and move onto the main course then just fold the flag down. The vast selection of dishes provided here has been impacted by global cuisine but it’s used to make the traditional Indian dishes better. 


Bawarchi - highviews 

This is yet another popular restaurant in the city that the locals as well as the travelers love for the rise-based dishes here. You will find here multiple kinds of Biriyani and Pulaos, which is a must-eat in Indian cuisine. The menu also comprises of tasty vegetarian options as well. Usually, a premium blend of Basmati rice gets used for making the rice-based fares that is served with the succulent bits of chicken and mutton dishes. Other than the traditional Indian and Hyderabadi Biriyani, Bawarchi is also known for its traditional Asian fare that comprises of fried rice, meat dishes, kebabs and noodles. The venue is not very upscale. But the price and taste makes up for it.

Paradise Restaurant 

Having 6 outlets within the city, Paradise is a food extravaganza for the every food lover that also serves Indian and Chinese dishes along with Hyderabadi dishes. The city’s branches vary from huge spaces in already create compounds to vast venues that include various eateries under one roof. The secret to the success of this restaurant is that it provides perhaps the city’s best Biriyanis. One of the most frequented branches of this restaurant is the one that is in Secunderabad. Here you’ll be welcomed to a multi-level, new age restaurant that also hosts a cafe, an al fresco restaurant atop the roof and a bakery. In terms of food you’ll be impressed with the taste and the dish variety that you’d love to have a repeat session during your vacation.


Chutneys - bonchan 

Chutney is a food accompaniment that you’ll get in South Asian and Indian dishes. This is basically a dip which is a combination of vegetables, fruits and spices that is used with snacks like kebabs, rolls, samosas and the like. This is what had given the name to the popular restaurant in Hyderabad – that is Chutneys. This is a local name in the city, but a popular one and is known for its South Indian fare that comprises of a local signature assortment of 6 various types of chutney. Here you can indulge yourself with the idlis, doasas, uttapam’s and the yummy pesarattus. In addition to that there are three different kinds of wraps as well. For breakfast you can opt in for upma, which is a favorite staple that is akin to the porridge eaten early morning.

Minerva Coffee Shop 

Minerva Coffee Shop is a big name in the city and has made its mark in the dining scene. Foodies from all over the world have a liking for this place for its authentic and scrumptious Indian culinary delicacies along with the very best of South Indian dishes. This restaurant is open all throughout the day serving everything from breakfast to dinner. This seems like a casual eatery where you have access to the South Indian tiffins, that is actually a term that given to denote a wide selection of fancy snack pastries such as idlis and doasas. Don’t miss out on the coffee along with the South Indian dishes. The ambience is serene and posh and the restaurant staffs maintain good hygiene.


This is a real treat for food lovers! Being refreshed by the ocean waves, Dakshin is the city regional cuisine that gives a greater focus on seafood and fish delicacies. This hotel happens to be a part of the popular brand name ITC Hotel that specializes in South Indian culinary dishes. Here the menu offers you some of the best prepared sea-inspired cuisine delicacies that make for a scrumptious fish-based fare. That aside the restaurant menu also comprises of other South Indian dishes that comprise of the famous traditional Kerala stew. The chefs here render their personal touch and creativity in the food that adds to the overall appeal of the restaurant.


Just in case you are searching for an unconventional dining experience in the city this is the place to be. This is a themed restaurant with rocky walls that makes Gufaa resemble like a cave. Here you’ll find animal head sculpture of tigers and elephants that are hung on the wall. That aside there is branches and plant roots creeping up from the rocks along with interesting mural replicas of the Neanderthal man’s historic drawings. There is a dim light that makes the ambience evocative. Here you get to be seated on the bamboo chairs that have zebra printed cushions on it and relish the traditional Indian dishes. Visit this place if you are looking for a quirky dining place in Hyderabad.

Hyderabad has some of the best restaurants for the food lovers! If you’re one the quickly book your cheap flights to Hyderabad from and enjoy the food scene.

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