Exploring Greece over a Weekend

Exploring Greece over a Weekend

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Fascinating history and natural beauty, that’s what Greece is always appreciated for by the travelers! With its fascinating historical archaeological sites, pristine beaches, multiple islands and the balmy Mediterranean ambience, Greece today appeals to the vision as well as to the imagination. And if you are a connoisseur of famous and unique structures, then the monasteries of Meteora and Delphi is something that will have you completely impressed. However, Greece needs to be traveled, delved with ample time at hand. However, if you are one that loves to travel on budget, then you can get your British airways flights from the online traveling website bookairfare.com and save a huge chunk.

However, if you are here for a weekend, then it can get a bit overwhelming in terms of choosing the places that you would be visiting. Here are some of the popular options listed out for you that you can refer and plan your travel bucket list accordingly.

The Acropolis, Athens


The Acropolis, Athens - SamotThis site has taken to be a reputed symbol of Greece and Athens and of the entire western civilization! The Acropolis can be best described as a rocky structure that is present centrally in what we can call the new age Athens. Here there are three stunning temples that is the crowning glory dating back to the 5th century BC. The best known and the unique of the lot here is the Parthenon, that was initially set up comprising 58 columns assisting a roof and also embellished by decorative pediments along with a frieze.  There is also the Archaeological Promenade that is at a distance of two and half kilometres that usually skirts the base of Acropolis and also connects to this city’s other historic tourist sites – namely the Temple of Olympian Zeus, Kerameikos, the Roman Forum and the Ancient Agora. 



This is one of the most exclusive Greek islands and is known for the cliff-top towns of Oia and Fira that resides on the western coast towering over the blue-sea that’s filled with caldera. This island is composed of the Cycladic whitewashed cubic buildings most of which has been transferred to lavish and swank hotels that have the infinity pools. Both Oia and Fira today are taken to be romantic destinations that are much popular for honeymoon vacations and wedding events. Here the top things to do comprise of the swimming as well as sunbathing at the volcanic sandy beaches that has a black tinge being located on the eastern and southern coasts. You can also visit the archaeological site of Akroti, which is a popular historic Minoan settlement that is buried below the lava following the volcanic eruption which in turn created the caldera, about 3,600 years back. This island also has got an airport and is attended by catamarans and ferries from the Athens port, named Piraeus. 

Meteora Monasteries


Meteora Monasteries - Sergey NovikovOne of the most distinctive things to explore in Greece is the Thessaly Plain where you’ll come across the unique rocky outcrops are capped by the century old Meteora monasteries. This is listed amidst the UNESCO World Heritage Site and has the best 6 monasteries across the globe that is open to public view. However, visiting this place needs some stamina and work, as you will have to climb up many stone steps that have been carved into the rocks to reach each single monastery and in the interior you can have a glimpse of the religious and spiritual icons, flickering candles, burning incense and the impressive Byzantine frescoes. The opening time here differs, therefore you would have to find that our prior to your visit. However, if you want to explore all the 6 monasteries then you will have to be here for almost a complete day here. The closest town here is the Kalambaka.



Situated on the Greek mainland, the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Delphi is one of the top tourist attractions that you must add to your weekend travel list. Created on the lower hill slopes of the Mount Parnassus, towering over a fabulous ravine, this site was considered very holy and sacred to the ancients that came here through a pilgrimage in order to worship the Sun God Apollo who was considered to be God of music, healing, prophecy and the Lord of Light. Here the mythical Oracle was the one that advised people on being asked for spiritual guidance. This structure was composed of crumbling ruins of multiple temples, stadium and a theatre that dates from the 8th century BC and the 2nd century AD. Close by here you have the Delphi Museum Archaeological Museum that showcases a stunning collection of multiple finds from this sacred site. Delphi is situated 180 kilometres on the north-western side of Athens.

Corfu Town


On the reputed Ionian Sea and off the western coast of the Greece mainland, is located Corfu which is the country’s one of the most-coveted island destinations. The capital, Corfu Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Sites owing to its classy Italianate architecture and it was under the rule of the Venetians for many centuries. You can explore its fascinating pedestrian streets and also discover the two 16th century fortresses along with the arched Liston that is dotted with archaic patterned cafes. Corfu Town is a well-known charter base for the yachts that sails from the Ionian along with the excursion boats that provides the sightseeing tours to Saranda as well as Butrint close to Alabania. In addition to that Corfu is also attended by an airport along with ferries from the Patras and Igoumenitsa on the Greek mainland. During summer, the ferries usually sail from Ancona and Venice and halts here.

Rhodes Town


Rhodes Town - ian woolcockLocated on the Aegean Sea, nearby Turkey, Rhodes Town is considered the biggest of the Dodecanese islands. This place has been enclosed by a stunning secured system that comprises of the monumental towers along with gates that are established by the Knights of St. John post taking control over the island back in 14th century.

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