Top 5 Tourist Sites in Brussels

Top 5 Tourist Sites in Brussels

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The capital city of Belgium and the major hub of the Belgian Royal Family, Brussels is one of the most coveted tourist destinations that many travelers would want to explore. Though the city is more of an educational and economic centre, yet tourists and travelers round the globe have a desire to explore this rather easy-going city boasting an amicable vibe.  This city will give you the pulse of the absolute Belgian life with its cafe culture and series of awesome restaurants. The city houses some of the best art galleries and ancient museums that spell grandeur and beauty, depicting the architectural finesse that has gone into making it. That aside, for the ones with a sweet tooth, should not be missing out on the Belgian chocolate and cookies in this city. So get your best travel deals from for cheap British Airways flights and get going.

Best Time to Visit Brussels

Keeping in mind the weather conditions the apt time to visit this city for a vacation is between the months of October to February.

Languages spoken- Dutch, English

Currency used- Euro (1 Euro = 1.14 US Dollars) (approximately)

Best Hotels in Brussels

The city’s hospitality scene is amazing and classy. When looking for the best hotels in the city the popular names to keep in mind include:

Le Châtelain 

The Hotel Brussels 

Steigenberger Wiltcher’s 

Hotel Saint-Gery 

The Dominican

Best Five Tourist Sites in Brussels 

The Grand Place (Grote Markt)

The Grand Place - S-F 

Situated centrally at the Brussels Old Town, the main plaza of the city called the Grand Place is one of the popular spots in Europe. Much of the square’s classy character is owing to the distinctive mature of the guild houses with their stunning pilasters, gables and balustrades along with the rich gold embellishments and the intricate carved stonework. Majority of this got established between the years 1696 and 1700 in the traditional Baroque style having a bit of Flemish impact. The rich of this place dates even earlier than that. It was initially founded back in the 11th century and then was transformed as the economic and political centre of the city. The most iconic building here is the Town Hall that was established back in 1402 with an aim to upstage the Stadhuis in the Burges rival city. Within it are several marvellous rooms.


The Atomium in the city’s most popular landmark and will a little journey by a tram if that’s the mode of conveyance you are taking. This is a stunning 102 meter high steel and aluminium construction that has been designed by the popular architect André Waterkeyn especially for the 1958 Brussels World Exhibition. Considered to be the most surreal sight in entire Brussels this building symbolizes an iron molecule that is zoomed up 165 million times. The visitors and tourists can enter the interior where four of the spheres get used today for shows focusing on human life termed as Biogenium.

Belgian Royal Museum of Fine Arts 

Belgium’s Royal Museum of Fine Arts (1875-81) is known as of the best and biggest art galleries round the globe. This museum developed out of a collection that initially was founded back in 1797 and has been housed originally in the earlier palace of Charles of Lorraine. This transformed to the latest created Musées Royaux back in 1846. The collection has been categorized into two prominent parts, namely the Museum of Ancient Art that showcases a popular collection of Dutch and Flemish Old Masters that comprises of the works by Petrus Christus, Dirk Bouts (Judgment of the Emperor Otto), Rogier van der Weyden (The Mourning of Christ), Adoration of the Magi by Gerard David and Hans Memling. The second part is the Museum of Modern Art that usually boasts the 19th and 20th century Belgian works.

Notre-Dame du Sablon

Notre-Dame du Sablon - Sergey Dzyuba 

The ancient 15th and 16th century church of the Notre-Dame du Sablon usually was taken to be one of the fascinating Late Gothic churches that Belgium has and was constructed as a substitute for a rather small chapel that was initially created on the sandy expanse of Sablon by Crossbowmen’s Guild in 1304. The church interior is stunning mostly owing to its beautiful stained glass. Also a point in interest is the burial chapel of Taxis and Thurn family, which is partially a work of the Luc Fayd’herbe. Kept within a sacrarium there exists a figure of the Virgin, a replica and as legend has it that of Madonna that has been brought to this chapel back in 1348 by a lady who hailed from Antwerp. It is said that the virgin had appeared to this lady.

Abbaye de la Cambre 

Back in the 1200 the Cistercian nuns was said to have founded an abbey at this place which was destroyed later back in 16th century but then established back again. Now set against a backdrop of the scenic French Gardens, this abbey stores the National Geographical Institute along with an art college. The earlier 14th century abbey church is a royal building with ethnic Baroque vaulting. Inside this abbey there is a painting by Albert Bouts titled The Mocking of Christ along with a shrine of St. Boniface, that was a 13th century Bishop of Brussels. The cloister windows have been embellished with the arms of 40 or more abbesses and nuns.

Brussels has interesting sites to explore for you. That aside you also have the chance to get the popular Belgium chocolates and liquor chocolates and also taste Belgium wine and single malt which is also well known amidst the travelers and tourists. You can look for them in the popular city malls like Ziazag or Basilix Shopping Center and can pick up the best assortments. That aside checking out in the popular confectionary stores like Leonidas is also a good option. Therefore, waste no more time and quickly get the best online deals from on your British Airways flights for Brussels and head to this city to enjoy a fabulous vacation and splurge the way you want.

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