Top 3 Unusual Tourist Attractions in Philadelphia

Top 3 Unusual Tourist Attractions in Philadelphia

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The city of Philadelphia is city that has some of the best hidden gems! Unusual city attractions that are sought by travelers and tourists who want to travel the path less taken in a city. From the industrial ruins, anatomical theatres and art projects to unusual tourist attractions, the city has it all. So do you want to explore this aspect of Philadelphia? If yes, then there are top three hidden gems discussed below that you shouldn’t be missing. And if you want to travel on an economical budget, then get your cheap flights to Philadelphia from the online travel portals where you can get very good deals.

Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens
The Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens can be best described as a folk art setting, NGO and a gallery space that features the famous works of Isaiah Zagar, the mosaicist situated at the place of Zagar’s biggest public mosaic installation. It was said that Zagar had committed himself in enhancing South Street locality back in the 1960’s the time he had shifted to this place with Julia, his wife. The couple contributed to renew this area by buying and then modifying the buildings and also adding in vibrant mosaics on the public and private walls. Zagar commenced his works on Magic Gardens back in 1994 in the empty spot close to his studio. He had also passed the next 14 years digging out grottos, tunnels, sculpting multi-layered walls, grouting and tilling this space of 3000 square foot. This installation has paid tribute to many of the artist’s creative influences and experiences of life. The installation comprises of found artefacts and contributions from various communities and it covers half of the city blocks with several textures, colors and tiles. A walk across the labyrinth reveals several sculptures from Asia, Latin America, bicycle wheels and from the South Street shops, mirrors and hand-made tiles by Zagar in various sizes and shapes. This garden today is a great art institution and is open to tourists all through the year. There are expert guides present that take you for a guided tour and allows you to have a look at some of the beautiful public murals. In addition to that, the garden also provides mosaic workshops held monthly facilitated by Zagar himself. Also, the place is apt for hosting public events, dance performances and hosting concerts.

Wagner Free Institute
If you lived in this city during the 1840’s and had a keen interest in science you would certainly knew William Wagner. You could have attended some of his free lectures taking place at his house, elucidating some of his interesting collections. However, you must have also missed your chance to make it to a square room that’s packed and crowded, to hear few words from Wagner. The prominence of William Wagner’s “gentleman naturalist” lectures expanded so extensively at a fast pace that this eminent Philadelphian merchant took a decision to extend to a new building that he named as the Wagner Free Institute. This is a beautiful Victorian building that stores some of Wagner’s stunning collection of natural history along with a great looking lecture hall in which Wagner could carry on to provide his free lectures to the audience at large. The work got finished back in 1865 making Wagner stand as a building as an epitome of the education that everyone has access to. This building did not undergo any change Leidy’s reorganization back in 1891. It can be rightfully called a great museum offering travelers and tourists a rare scope to view the state where knowledge remained at the time of such adventurous scientific changes. Here in this museum from the quaint original rosewood glass cases, to the labels that are handwritten from 1865 to the situations of taxonomic chaos, the Wagner Free Institute is a treasure house of rich history dating back to the 19th century. Furthermore, this institute carries on offering free natural history and science classes to the interested children and adults.

Edgar Allan Poe National Historic Site
Edgar Allen Poe might have stayed here for just one year, but his earlier residence on North 7th Street in the city is still alive with the author’s fond memories. Poe along with his mother-in-law and wife stayed in this small house between the year 1843 and 1844. Though Poe used to sit scribbling at his writer’s desk for only 12 months but they were major ones. During the time he stayed in this house he had come up with 2 popular poems titled the “The Gold Bug” and “The Tell-Tale Heart”. Almost post a century after Poe moved out from here along with his family, an ardent follower and fan of the artists had purchased the house and had founded this museum. It was left to the city post his death and this National Historic Site came into existence. Here you’ll get access to the tours of Poe household that comprises of a decent to the basement. There are cobwebs left in one place very thoughtfully that would create an impact. It is debated and discussed amidst the intellectuals and literature lovers that this basement could have been the point of inspiration behind his story “The Black Cat” in which there’s a man that murders his wife and then seals her dead body inside a cellar. However, the person’s cat too gets sealed and has been alerting the police to start their investigation. This museum showcases two rotating and three permanent exhibits and comprises of a wide selection of displays. From a movie based on the life of Poe, to a reading room that was used for perusal of Poe’s works to the reading of his poems done by celebrities like Christopher Walken or Vincent Price, this museum is proactive in keeping the essence of Poe and his work alive amidst the residents and tourists that come to visit.

These 3 unusual places in Philadelphia will leave an indelible impression of the city in you – that of literary finesse and rich history. So don’t wait too long. Book your cheap flights to Philadelphia from and head to the city at the earliest.

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