Top Caribbean Tourist Sites to Explore in Antigua and Barbuda

Top Caribbean Tourist Sites to Explore in Antigua and Barbuda

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Being earlier eastern Caribbean British colonies, Barbuda and Antigua proudly boasts and welcomes its tourists with the abundant beaches round the globe! Step into Antigua and you’ll know that this land has the best beaches for everyday in life! Barbuda considered to be a close-match to Antigua and also has a couple of the pristine beaches with lavish resorts situated close by. There are many movie stars who visit this place for surfing, swimming, soaking up the sun as well as walking idly on the dazzling shores. If you want to travel within your budget, you can simply book cheap flights to Antigua and Barbuda from and make the most of your savings!

Antigua clearly is the crowd puller! The visitors here walk in to the vibrant St. John’s capital where there’s everything from the best ancient buildings, museum as well as shopping. This island also preserves its history as a strategic naval port. Furthermore, if you are an animal lover you can take a swim here to have an encounter with the friendly stingrays. So once you’ve booked your cheap flights to Antigua and Barbuda you can explore the top tourist sites here.

Visit Stingray City, Antigua

If you have a phobia for the stingrays, this is going to be a great escapade for you! A five minute of speedboat ride taking you to Antigua’s eastern coast will take off your phobia completely. Simply put, Stingray City happens to be a shallow pool having a sandy base amidst the tropical reeds, where several amicable southern stingrays would arrive across the crystal-clear waters and visitors can feed them as well. Considering your comfort level, visitors have the choice to stand, snorkel or swim with the stingrays. And once the encounter is over, you can also explore the nearby coral reefs as well. Once you feel their smooth and satin bodies rub on your skin you will feel a sense of adventure. To take a tour to this city is one of the most crucial things you can do.

Be there at the Devil’s Bridge: Indian Town National Park, Antigua

Post the craggy north-eastern coast, the scenic view of Indian Town National Park showcases the amazing limestone of Devil’s Bridge that has been sculpted across centuries by the pounding surfs. During high tide, the waves force the water geysers across the blowholes close by the rocks. This park also provides a couple of rewarding hikes and a stunning birding. Over and above 36 avian species are present in this park amidst the acacia trees, whilst the eastern side of the park is called the Arawak campsite.

Be there at the Half Moon Bay, Antigua

Towards the south-eastern corner of Antigua, there is the tranquil Half Moon Bay that is carefully dotted by one of the best beaches in the Caribbean. Secured well by a reef, this stunning crescent fine white sand and the crystal, blue sea is backed by natural foliage and it provides a stunning snorkelling scope on the calm days. When this wind is high up and catches good speed, the surf tends to be a bit rough. There’s a very small restaurant here that serves the snacks at the beach. Use your GPS here as it can be a bit of a challenge to find the beach.

Explore 17 Mile Beach, Barbuda

If you have decided to explore and walk casually on the 17 Mile Beach in Barbuda, then you will come across a stunning sand stretch that is unparalleled in its beauty. Embraced by the serene blue seas, this vast stretch of the pink-tinged sand is what separates the Barbuda lagoon right from the Caribbean Sea and it also attracts even the lazy beach lovers. Here the facilities tend to be few so the best advice would be to carry your own supplies.

Be there at the Nelson’s Dockyard National Park, Antigua

One of the most popular tourist sites of Antigua is the Nelson’s Dockyard National Park, in English Harbour, which also happens to be the place housing the British Naval Dockyard dating back to 18th century along with a well-renovated ancient building along with a couple of the island’s excellent nature trails. In addition to that, the Nelson’s Dockyard happens to be the only ongoing Gregorian dockyard round the globe. The renovated marina, along with its quaint and ancient old stone warehouses, surrounds hotels, shops, restaurants, museums and galleries. The Dockyard Museum and the Admiral’s House Museum can trace up the history of this site right from 17th century till the present date. Once you have toured the Dockyard, you have the great chance to have a glimpse of the picturesque island views right from the Fort Shirley ruins that has been located on the top of Shirley Heights. In addition to that, this park today happens to be place that houses the Clearance House, dating back to 18th century that was built initially for future King William IV along with Dow’s Hill Interpretation Centre close to the Lookout Trail. So once you have booked your cheap flights to Antigua and Barbuda you can add this site to your sightseeing list and explore this place extensively.

Visit the Dickenson Bay, Antigua

Travel towards the extreme north in Antigua and you will come across Dickenson Bay which happens to be the most scenic tourist sites found in this island. Located right in front here is the vast stretch of the white sand beach that has been dotted with alfresco restaurants and the resorts, this bay is a great spot for swimming and it provides a wide range of water sport activities. Here you will also come across the activity booths that are sprinkled alongside the beach. This bay is considered to be the platform for the windsurfing scene in Antigua.

So all you will have to do now is quickly browse the internet and make the most of the cheap flights to Antigua and Barbuda from opting in for a memorable vacation.

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