Bonaire, Saba, and St Eustatius – Top Sites to Explore

Bonaire, Saba, and St Eustatius – Top Sites to Explore

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Together known as the “BES” islands, the Bonaire, St Eustatius, and Saba forms the Dutch territory trio in Caribbean Netherlands. A travel destination that attracts several eco-tourists and nature lovers, all these 3 islands offer ample scopes for hiking, snorkelling, swimming and diving. Bonaire situated on the eastern Caribbean, is located towards the north-coast of Venezuela that is popular for its revolutionary conservation initiatives. Majority of this island is secured and its marine park provides a couple of the excellent diving sites. Furthermore, its diverse ecosystem comprises of the coral reefs, saltpans, sun-baked beaches and the cactus-cloaked mountains. For those who want to travel on budget, can book cheap flights to Caribbean Netherlands from and experience these wonderful sites.

Also termed as Statia, the St. Eustatius is located on the eastern side of Puerto Rico and is a place that houses a dormant volcano, named the Quill. This very small island has a mixed terrain that comprises of the coral reefs, beaches and the rainforests as well. In addition to that, St. Eustatius at a point of time was a vibrant port dating back to the 17th and 18th centuries. In the recent times, this island has been making initiatives to preserve its natural assets as well as its heritage buildings. On the north-west of St. Eustatius, Saba might appear to be a quaint and small territory of 13 square kilometres, but happens to be the apex of an active volcano at 887 meters which is the highest point for Netherlands. In addition to that, hiking is a great option here on Mount Scenery. Also the marine park provides a couple of pristine diving spots. So once you’ve booked your cheap flights to Caribbean Netherlands you can decide on the sites you can explore here.

Visit the Bonaire National Marine Park, Bonaire

Having a network of sea-grass beds, dotted reefs, beaches, lagoons, mangroves and other natural features this park happens to be one of the most elite diving destinations of Caribbean. This park encompasses all kinds of Bonaire, along with Klein Bonaire islet and is also popular for its water clarity, serene seas and the fish life diversity. The snorkelers here can also have access to a couple of the reefs right from the shore. This park is managed by an NGO and is also known for some of its praiseworthy conservation attempts. In fact, the Bonaire National Marine Park was the very first marine park having a system of permanent moorings.

Explore Oranjestad, St Eustatius

Oranjestad happens to be the only town present in St. Eustatius, that is located atop the cliff and it overlooks the Caribbean on the western coast of the island. This earlier merchant hub has been separated into the Lower and Upper Towns. The tourists here have a chance to explore some of the best of the 18th century remnants at the lower area in and around the Bay area, along with businesses and more recent day developments in the Upper Town region. Towering over the Oranjestad, this very well-preserved 17th century Fort Oranje maintains bastions and cannons. The St Eustatius Historical Foundation Museum in Oranjestad present here showcases the nautical and household antiques and other interesting antiques. There’s also a Dutch Reform Church that got totally dilapidated with its ruins visible from the time when the roof was destroyed back in 18th century. Travelers and tourists visiting this place might take a climb at the tower to have a very clear and scenic view of the island. Close to Oranjestad, atop a hill, you will come across remnants of the Fort de Windt, dating back to 18th century that provides scenic views atop the ocean to the close by St Kitts.

Be there at the Washington-Slagbaai National Park, Bonaire

Spanning across almost one-fifth of the Bonaire Island, the popular Washington-Slagbaai National Park has mangroves, salt pans, cactus-layered hillsides, beaches as well as sand dunes. If you want to explore this park, then a 4 wheel drive vehicle is the best choice owing to the craggy dirty roads here. This is also a great place where you can locate a couple of the bird species in the island, such as the herons, flamingos and the parakeets. The plant life here is a direct reflection of the arid atmosphere. There are several cacti species as well along with the Brazil wood trees and the mesquite. Furthermore, some of the animals found here in this park comprises of the iguanas, goats, turtles and donkeys. Here the Subi Brandaris is said to be the highest point and provides a scenic view of the region. And if it happens to be a clear day then you can even have a view of the Venezuela coast. This is a great exploration site.

Explore Kralendijk

Kralendijk refers to “coral reef” is the capital city of Bonaire. This town is well known for the excellent Dutch colonial houses that have been painted with vibrant colors. Furthermore, on Breedestraat you will come across a central shopping street, where the tourists can buy the local carvings, clothes, bags, shell art and other kind of fabrics that are popular here. So here you can make the most of the cheap flights to Caribbean Netherlands and make the most of your shopping. Here you will find duty-free shops and which is situated in this very region. In addition to that, you can also get to see the local fishermen who come and sell their day’s catch in the morning at the harbour. Right from Kralendijk visitors can have access to water-taxis that whisk the divers and the snorkeler’s right through the bay towards the Klein Bonaire islet that is uninhabited. This is one place where you should carry your camera to make the most of the sceneries in and around.

So once you’ve booked your cheap flights to Caribbean Netherlands from you can make the most of your savings to plan your tour in this region and have a great vacation.

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