Top Caribbean Tourist Sites in Anguilla

Top Caribbean Tourist Sites in Anguilla

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Humble and serene in its own way, as well as charming, Anguilla is nothing less than a Caribbean treasure trove. Visitors and travelers will be astounded by the stunning and pristine beaches that happen to be the biggest attraction quotient of this island. In addition to that, the locals exude a friendly vibe that makes this place even more attractive to the global tourists. Travelers who seek a little isolation can take a stroll at the smooth strands of the island and also bask in the sparkling waters as they swim and enjoy their “me-time”. Good for both solo and group tour, today budget travelers also have the option of traveling within their budget to this island by opting in for cheap flights to Anguilla from

This island welcomes its tourists with lavish galleries, interesting restaurants and shopping stores as well. You can simply follow its heritage trail in The Valley, which is this island’s quaint capital and explore the best ancient sites. During summertime you will find Anguilla come alive with its Anguilla Summer Festival along with events such as beauty pageants, dancing, parades as well as races. So once you’ve booked cheap flights to Anguilla you can make the most of the sites that you want to explore.

Explore Shoal Bay East
This can be best described as a long and wide stretch of vibrant white sand that the beach lovers would love to be and revel in. The place is perfect for snorkelling and swimming and the waters provide a couple of the island’s scenic coral gardens that gives you a chance to have a look at some of the many small gleaming fishes.

Be there at the Rendezvous Bay Beach
Spanning across 4 kilometres, the Rendezvous Bay is a semi-spherical vibrant sea. Shallow and serene, this serene coast stretch is a perfect for the families who are traveling to this island with their little children. Here you will come across the swimmers, shell-collectors as well as the sun-bathers.

Head to the Sandy Ground Village
If you want to have a tryst with the vibe of the local people in this island, you can head straight to the Sandy Ground Village. This tourist site is quiet a hit with the local children. This beach is also dotted with restaurants, a couple of low-key sites and a dive shop as well. The shape is much like a fishhook bay and it also happens to be one of the most secured places in the island and is the main port of the island for the yachts. Majority of the onshore activities of the well-known 3 days Anguilla Regatta during the month of May might happen at the Sandy Group along with great entertainment provided by the local restaurants. There is also the Pump-House and the Old Salt Factory that happens to be one of the best historical site attractions of this island. The main industry of this island was salt. However, the tourists are allowed to explore the Old Pump-house. There is a ferry that will take you to Sandy Island and that takes off from the pier. Furthermore, the huge salt pond at the back of the village attracts several wading birds, herons, stilts and also attracts all kinds of egrets. This is one site that you shouldn’t be missing out on. So as soon you are done with booking your cheap flights to Anguilla add this place to your sightseeing list.

Visit the Meads Bay Beach
Known to be one of the famous of the island’s west-end beaches, the Meads Bay offers tourists and the locals with a one and half-kilometres of pure white sand beach along with the crystal clear waters, which is a huge attraction for the swimmers. In addition to that, tourists will also find lavish villas along with several resorts and restaurants are in and around the beach. Close to the turn off towards the Meads Bay, you can take a stop at the Cheddie’s Art Studio in order to have a look at the driftwood carvings made by Cheddie Richardson, who is a local artist.

Explore the Anguilla Dive Sites
In Anguilla there’s a double reef system that comes with a huge mix of the corals. Here the island is also well-known for the sunken ships that gradually become the artificial reefs. In addition to that, the divers will also come across 7 marine parks encompassing the island i.e. the Little Bay, Dog Island, Shoal Bay Harbour Reef System, Sandy Island, Stoney Bay Marine Park, Seal Island Reef System and the Prickly Pear. Here you will also come across the garden eels, stingrays and the turtles that inhabit most of the dive sites as well as the divers present at the Scrub Island that daily have a look at the barracuda and the sharks. The popular Stoney Bay Marine Park is also considered as the resting place for the El Buen Consejo, which is an 18th century Spanish galleon that had shipwrecked off the south-eastern shores of the Anguilla, 1772. This site was considered to be an award-winning underwater park that has been kept open for the scuba-divers.

Explore the Island Harbour
Housing some of the tourist sites, this secured Island Harbour fishing village is the vantage point for the local fishermen who rest their vibrantly colored fishing boats close to the narrow beach. Visit this place during late afternoon time and you can have a glimpse of the fishermen unloading their day’s catch. Once here, you can also enquire about the various tours at Anguilla National Trust. During the late March or April time, you can also witness the Island Harbour’s Festival Del Mar that happens to be a two day celebration of the sea where you will find the harbour offering with you interesting food items, entertainment, activities as well as a fishing contest. Only at a distance of 3 minutes by a boat from this site, you will come across the Sicily Cay, which is a small private island that is a perfect place for the day trippers along with its palm-dotted beach as well as alfresco restaurants, whilst close by there is the Scrub Island that showcases a scenic beach on the western corner along with some amazing snorkelling scopes.
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