Top Tourist Sites of Dominica

Top Tourist Sites of Dominica

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Popularly called the “Nature Island of Caribbean”, the Dominica stays as a vast expand of unexploited haven for the nature lovers, hikers as well as divers. This place happens to be the best of Windward Island and also showcases scenic volcanic landscapes along with the tallest hills located in Eastern Caribbean, lakes, waterfalls, lavish rainforests, rivers, gorges and very steamy hot springs. The craggy coastline covers the rustic coastal village as well as the craggy black-sand beaches most of which happens to the best zones for diving or snorkelling. And if you want to explore this place within your budget, you need to make the most of the cheap flights to Dominica available on

In addition to that, Dominica also happens to be a blend of West Indian, French and British cultures and is also the place that has the biggest of the Carib Indian community. There is also the vibrant Roseau, along with the island capital and the central town that showcases these stunning roots in art, food, customs and languages. Owing to the facts here you have two small airports; Dominica isn’t the place for package tourism and has huge scale resorts that are also found on other islands. There are many people who visit place on a day tour and also explore the island located close by. However, when you are done booking your cheap flights to Dominica you can then decide on the places that you will explore here.

Be there at the Morne Trois Pitons National Park

The popular Morne Trois Pitons National Park happens to be a popular tourist attraction in Dominica. Surrounding the hilly interior of this mountain region, this park is said to be a prehistoric rainforest that ranges from a vast jungle along with mega ferns and the wild orchids. In addition to that, there’s also an underdeveloped cloud forest on the higher slopes of the 1424 meter Morne Trois Pitons. The major tourist patterns here comprise of the UNESCO World Heritage Site that spans across the 17,000 acre and that comprises of the Boiling Lake as well. In addition to that other places to explore here comprises of the Victoria Waterfall, Emerald Pool, Trafalgar Falls, Boeri Lake that is shrouded in mist and the Valley of Desolation, which is a zone of steamy mud ponds that has been colored vibrantly with hot springs as well as mini-geysers as well. One of the best points from where you can start your visit is the Laudat village which is located at a distance of 11 kilometres of Roseu.

Explore the Cabrits National Park

On the north-western side of Dominica, you will come across the Cabrits National Park where you can come across the lavish rainforest, sandy beaches, vibrant coral reefs as well as the swampland. Here the scenic peninsula also boasts the scenic views of the tallest point as well as the reefs here provide some of the best diving and snorkelling scopes. In addition to that, in this park you will come across the Fort Shirley remnants, which happens to be an 18th century British Garrison along with scenic views of the Prince Rupert Bay. That aside, the Portsmouth town also is located on this peninsula include the Cabritis, which is a cruise ship port and a terminal.

Head to the Trafalgar Falls

You can take a hike to this twin falls which is also one of the best things tourists can do in Dominica. Also called as the Mother and the Father, this scenic waterfall is located towards the end of what can be called an easy hike of 10 to 15 minutes across a forest that is known for its vanilla orchids and the ginger plants. In addition to that, cold main stream of this falls starts right at the hills and is also adjoined close to the bottom by a steaming mineral spring. In addition to that, tourists have a choice to take a dip in the cold and hot pools amidst the sulphur-colored rocks right at the fall’s base. This is one of the best sites to visit here. So once you have booked your cheap flights to Dominica you can then add this site to your sightseeing list.

Be there at the Victoria Falls

This is one of the most stunning and photogenic waterfalls located on this island! The Victoria Waterfall located in the Morne Trois Pitons National Park came into formation as the popular White River cascaded atop the steep cliff inside the warm pool located beneath. The minerals here provide the water a milky-white shade. You can wear your water shoes as here it will be a walk close to 40 minutes where you will have to cross rivers and do boulder scrambling as you come across some of the best scenic views. In addition to that, you can also relax yourself by taking a dip at this warm pool. However, if you are visiting this place for the first time it is suggested that you seek the guidance of a tour guide to explore the place better.

Be there at Roseau

Bordered by the lavish peaks, Roseau which is the capital of Dominica happens to be a vibrant blend of the new age buildings, West Indian cottages as well as the vibrant market stalls along with a very casual Rastafarian essence. The waterfront here showcases a pristine seaside promenade as well as a cruise ship dock, which happens to be filled with tourists at the time of the busy winter season. Furthermore, very close to this dock, right at the middle of the town there is an Old Market region where you can come across local herbs, baskets, the fresh tropical fruits as well as some of the best coconut-shell souvenirs. Close by there is also the St. Patrick’s Catholic Cathedral, that is a church designed in the Gothic-Romanesque-style dating back to 19th century and it also happens to be one of the prominent landmarks of the city. There are many other Roseau tourist highlights that comprise of the Dominica Botanic Gardens as well as the compact Dominica Museum, along with its stunning exhibits on Amerindian and Creole culture as well as on slave trade.

Book your cheap flights to Dominica from and say yes to a budget but a memorable tour to this land and explore the best tourist sites.

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