Explore the leading hiking trails in Patagonia

Explore the leading hiking trails in Patagonia

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There are a couple of places in this world that are remote and yet exude an elusive charm, such as Patagonia. This meagrely populated place spans across the south corner of both Chile and Argentina and is popular for its high Andean peaks, the excellent glaciers, windswept steppes and a distinctive gaucho culture. This region is also said to be a Mecca for the adventure enthusiasts along with some of the best hiking and trekking day routes that lasts for a couple of days and also allows you to have a look at some of the excellent landscapes that are risky to explore, but nevertheless alluring. However, the trekking season here is between the months of October to April. Budget travelers can book cheap flights to Patagonia from bookairfare.com and save a good amount as they travel.

In addition to that, in this region there are a few trails that might just get overcrowded when summer is at its peak that is between the months of January and February. This is the time when the weather is very ideal and there are the local Chileans as well as Argentineans that plan holidays. If you want to make your travel plans during this season, you can book your cheap flights to Patagonia and then select the hiking trails that you would want to explore.

Explore the W Trek

Have you been searching for a hiking trail that will make you explore the main highlights of this region? If yes, the opt in for the 5 day, W Trek across the Torres Del Paine National Park that offers you a wholesome experience in South America and is a great choice if you happen to be an avid hiker. In addition to that, if you happen to be a solo traveler then this is a great hiking trail as you will meet many like you on the way. That aside, you also have the chance to make once-in-a-lifetime experiences at the campgrounds or even bunking-up at the refugios, where you will getting bedding along with cooks allowing you three meals per day. Here majority of the visitors make it to the Torres Del Paine riding a bus and start the 71-kilometer W Trek at the Refugio Las Torres. You can head towards the north from here and then take a hike to the base of Las Torres prior to swinging back in and around on the way to French Valley. You have the chance to carry on inside the second U of the W and atop the huge Grey Glacier that is part of Patagonian Ice Field. The moment you complete the 5 day and 4 night trek here, you have the chance to opt into a boat at the Refugio Grey or the Refugio Paine Grande.

Be there at the O Circuit

If the W Trek wasn’t sufficient to pamper your desire to explore the backcountry region, you have the chance to carry on towards the edge of the Grey Glacier to finish the 9 day circuit trail, which is called The O. You will be able to add a good 50 kms to your hike here and it starts with a bang right from the 750 meters in elevation and it changes as you take a climb on the Paso John Gardner to a panoramic lookout close to the Campamento Los Perros. Here you also have the chance to slide down towards the farthest corner of the park and then follow the contours of the Rio Paine across the classic Patagonian steppe right back from where you started the Refugio Las Torres. So once you buy your cheap flights to Patagonia you can add this to your hiking trail list.

Explore the Laguna Torre Trek

The wind washed village of El Chaltén happens to be Argentina’s most stunning and excellent trekking capital. And this region comes with a couple of its most scenic hikes present in South America. The most famous day hike right from the town can be expanded inside a multi-day hike for many adventurous travelers at the Laguna Torre. In addition to that, there is also the 20 kilometre in and out route that takes the travelers to many lookouts along with amazing views of the icy spires of the Cerro Torre. Majority of the path leads to the corner of Rio Fitz Roy till the time you are there at the glacial lake of Laguna Torre where you will come across a very small campground. You will then travel across the lake edge to the most scenic view of it all, which is the Mirador Maestri. This is the place where the frozen folds of the Glacial Torre lighten inside the horizon.

Be there at the Lago del Desierto Border Crossing

The Carretera Austral happens to be the only channel across North Patagonia on Chile region of Andes. However, this steep highway juts out in the farthest gaucho town of Villa O’Higgins. Not very far from the condor there is a famous Argentinean resort town, which is the El Chalten. Wondering how to get in between the two? Then first you need to opt in for a 4 hour ferry across the serene blue Lago O’Higgins, pausing to see the massive O’Higgins Glacier prior to carrying on at the remote Chilean outpost of the Candelario Mansilla. So you will have your passport stamped out of Chile and then carry on to about 20 kilometres on foot to the next border destination at Lago del Desierto, where you will also have an entry stamp for Argentina and you can camp in the evening. You can then carry on alongside the corner of Lago del Desierto on the next day for 15 kilometres till the time you reach the southern shores of this lake, where daily buses shuttle the tourists to El Chaltén, to a distance of 37 kilometres away.

So all you have to do is make the most of cheap flights to Patagonia from bookairfare.com and use your savings to explore the best hiking trails in this region and have a great vacation.

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