Explore the best tourist sites of Sligo

Explore the best tourist sites of Sligo

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If surfing is what fascinates you, then Sligo is going to be a piece of heaven for you! Hence, it comes with little or no surprise at all that the rollers come at the Atlantic and spotless beaches that you want to explore. Sligo is also the country where the great poet W.B. Yeats resided. This great poet was born here and is still remembered by the country for his spectacular poems, especially the “That Old Grey Mansion”. As the poet captured very lucidly the expanse of the north-west Ireland and its raw, exploited beauty, this place has also attracted tourists from all over the world. If you happen to be a budget traveler then you can opt in for cheap flights to Sligo from bookairfare.com and save big.

Sligo is a place that blends in poetry, history, art, mythology, music along with the natural scenes of rivers, lakes, dramatic hills thereby creating a visual extravaganza. So once you’ve booked your cheap flights to Sligo you can make the most of the tourist sites here. Discussed below are some of the best sites that you can explore on your stay here.

Explore the Inishmurray Island

Located at a distance of 15 minute drive from the town of Sligo at Grange, there’s a side road that runs on the west Streedagh where you can hire boats to make a visit to the Inishmurray Island that is still inhabited till mid 1900’s. Once you are on the shore, the tourists here can explore a very well-maintained monastic establishment that has been founded by St. Molaise back in ancient 6th century. This place was abandoned about 300 years later after it was pillaged. Scattered all across the island, here you will come across the ruins of the early homes of the islanders, the last one who left was back in 1948. Right from the St. Patrick’s Memorial, to the eastern corner of this island, here you will come across excellent views of the mainland. Travelers can also be there at the island from Mullaghmore.

Visit the Yeats Society (Memorial Building)

This happens to be a short stroll of 2 minutes right from the museum and welcomes the travelers to the Yeats Society building by the Hyde Bridge. There’s an art gallery that places temporary exhibitions and during summer also puts up an audio-visual show that documents its connection with Sligo and Yeats. In addition to that, the society also provides resources and programs for the one’s that take interest in Yeats’ poetry for instance the art gallery, summer school, Poet’s Parlour and a poetry circle along with a reference library. Here you will also find a cafe where the travelers can relax and take part in the poetic leanings if they like. So you can use your savings that you got from opting in for cheap flights to Sligo and be there at the cafe.

Be there at the Model, Home of the Niland Collection

The Model art gallery and the cultural center happen to be one of the main center’s in Ireland for new age art scene. This place takes its name from “Model School” which was a building dating back to 1862. On the site, the travelers are going to come across a performance space, restaurant as well as bookshop. On the other hand, there’s a top-floor studio for the artist that provides tourists stunning views overlooking Sligo. So make sure you carry your camera here and click some great frames. This site is a popular award winning building that houses the popular Niland Collection of art, which happens to be the most prominent in this country. The works that are featured here comprises of John and Jack B.Yeats, Paul Henry, Louis Le Brocuy and Estella Solomons.

Explore Lough Gill

This is a lavish 15-minute drive to the east of Sligo that is located at the vibrant Lough Gill, which is located at a distance of 8 kms in length and can be best described as the angler’s paradise which has been stocked with pike, trout and salmon. This scenic lake has been enveloped by the woodlands that has been dotted with nature trails and also has some of the best viewing points. In addition to that, you can also explore the scenic hills of Slieve Daean and the Slieve Killery that goes high atop the south shore. This region is a great place for the photographers and even the travelers that have a fetish for the birds-eye views. You can take a drive in and around the Lough that is around 37 kilometres and this happens to be one experience that you cannot miss. That aside, atop a peninsula that is located between the River Garavouge and the north-west corner there’s the Hazelwood House, which is a scenic Palladian house that was done by Richard Cassel.

Be there at the Parke’s Castle

This is one renovated plantation-era castle that dates back to the first half of the 17th century and also happens to be a very prominent tourist site, that is located in a scenic way on the Lough Gill shores and it also happens to be the residence of Robert Pake and his entire family. Here the Irish oak crafted making use of traditional processed got utilized to refurbish the castle. In addition to that, the courtyard grounds also provide proof of the ancient 16th century tower house that was previously under the authority of Sir Brian O’Rourke.

Take a visit to the Sligo County Museum & Art Gallery

On the Stephen Street on Sligo, on the northern side of River Garavogue, you will come across the County Museum as close to it is located the art gallery. This County Museum happens to be an ancient rectory, that comprises of the material on the history of this land along with some of the mementos that belonged to W.B.Yeats and it comprised of the very first edition of letters, works along with precious family photographs.

So all you have to do now is book your cheap flights to Sligo from bookairfare.com and then make the most of your stay here!

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