Explore the Tourist Sites of Whitehorse

Explore the Tourist Sites of Whitehorse

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Similar to Dawson City, Whitehorse too attributes its existence to Klondike gold-rush that had started back in 1897. Being able to live through the gruelling and at times a deadly journey right from the Skagway atop the White Pass, the gold prospectors got negotiating at Miles Canyon as well as the Whitehorse rapids prior to going downhill to the Yukon River to the Dawson’s riches. Right from the initial arrivals, a very small settlement had grown on the right bank of the river that’s opposite the recent town. The foaming rapid waters, that rears akin to the white seeds is what had given the settlement its name – “The Whitehorse”. If you want to visit this place within your budget then you can opt in for the cheap flights to Whitehorse from bookairfare.com and save big.

Being home for majority of the Yukon population, Whitehorse has evolved into primary centres for arts and culture in the present years. The very little but vibrant territory capital is a center of the north, that stands at the cross-section of the Klondike Highways and Alaska, located approximately 80 kms towards the north of British Columbia provincial border. And once you have booked your cheap flights to Whitehorse you can then make the most of the tourist sites located here.

Explore the popular SS Klondike II National Historic Site

The Yukon River sternwheelers stayed as the region’s most crucial transport mode for several decades post the gold-rush. It wasn’t till 1955 that “SS Klondike II”, had been re-established back in 1937 post sinking and it gave up bringing ore from silver mines in Mayo to Whitehorse for the onward shipment by street. In the recent times, the refitted and restored paddle-steamer has a well-known tourist attraction that welcomes travelers on Yukon embankment in the town center.

Be there at the Yukon Wildlife Preserve

Right at the Yukon Wildlife Preserve in Whitehorse, the tourists and travelers need to opt in for a guided tour to have a look at the elk, moose, wood bison, mountain goats, muskoxen, mule deer, the two species of thinhorn sheep-Dall’s and stone sheep and also the woodland caribou. Spanning over 283 hectares, this vast preserve comprises of distinct habitats that enable the animals to reside peacefully in a natural environment of their own.

Explore the Yukon Transportation Museum

The Yukon Transportation Museum in Whitehorse showcases the ancient transportation means in this region that comprises of the dog sleds, vehicles, snowshoes, aircraft, boats, and the stagecoaches that got used at the time of the Alaska Highway construction. One of the major highlights happens to be the sister plane of the Lindbergh’s Spirit of St. Louis, which is known as the “Queen of the Yukon”. Here the personal stories relating to the Yukon self-sufficiency and ingenuity get highlighted.

Explore the Miles Canyon

Miles Canyon can be best described as a tricky section of Yukon River prior to a hydroelectric dam that had controlled the waters here. The rapids here use to be a stifle point for the gold prospectors and several lives and supplies got lost trying to pass the disturbed waters. In the recent times, the scenic backdrop as well as the hiking trails makes this region delightful to explore. So once you book your cheap flights to Whitehorse make sure you add this tourist site to your sightseeing and explore the same.

Head to the Yukon Beringia Interpretive Centre

The Beringia is said to be one of the routes that were traveled by those people who had made it to North America firs from Asia, which was said to be a region that’s filled with ice and animals. However, at the Yukon Beringia Interpretive you have a glimpse of the geographical events of the area, its history as well as its cultural ethos that has been depicted through the murals, fossils, First Nation exhibits and the dioramas as well.

Visit the Yukon Arts Centre

The Yukon Arts Centre located in Whitehorse can be best described as a multi-faceted arts facility that showcases local performing groups, art events, theatre companies, dance and many other local and traveling art exhibitions. Here you can have a look at the works by the local as well as other Canadian artists’ right from the musicians and painters and you can have a glimpse of it n the Yukon Gallery.

Explore Frantic Follies

The “Frantic Follies”, happens to be a nightly venue inside the Westmark Whitehorse Hotel and is a very popular one. Here you’ll come across the honky-tonk piano and the can-can girls that was a regular aspect of vaudeville show that was prevalent during the 1890’s. Don’t miss out on this tourist attraction once you are here.

Visit the MacBride Museum

The MacBride Museum comprises of a vast series of photographs and relics right from the days of the gold-rush! This museum also comprises of a log-cabin that belongs to the Sam McGee, about whom the popular Robert Service, known as the “Bard of Yukon” had written a well-known ballad. In this museum you will also come across several old machinery and devices along with a rather interesting display on the Yukon wildlife.

Spend some time at the Yukon Gardens

When you take a visit to the botanical gardens of Whitehorse, the Yukon Gardens that spans across 9 hectare then you can have the experience amidst the flora and trees that the region has to offer. In addition to that, the garden also showcases amazing northern green space of the hardy perennials and there are many garden center and tree farm as well.

In addition to all these tourist sites, you can also opt in for a town tour whilst your stay! It is the Yukon Historical & Museums Association that organizes historical tours of the Whitehorse at the time of the summer and offers self-guided tour data. The other choices of roaming this city are by taking either a horse-carriage. So all you need to is make the most of the cheap flights to Whitehorse from bookairfare.com and have a great vacation here.

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