The Best Tourist Sites of Saskatchewan

The Best Tourist Sites of Saskatchewan

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Saskatchewan, a popular prairie province is also termed to be the “province of 100,000 lakes” and shares direct borders with Alberta in west, Manitoba in east and the two U.S states of North Dakota and Montana. The travelers that want to drive to this province can have a look at the vast fields. However, the north section is quiet a visual treat for visitors who have a love for angling, swimming and canoeing that they can enjoy in several lakes, more so because this province is said to be the vibrant most in Canada. And travelers who would want to visit this place within their budget can opt in for the cheap flights to Saskatchewan from the online travel agency

At Cree First Nations, hunting buffalo as well as staying on Great Plains centuries back, the largest river waterways is said to be the “river that flows fast” or the “Saskatchewan”. That aside, it was said to be from this that this province got its name. After that, a big-scale settlement had taken place as the plots of the arable land got sold to the pioneer farmers for a registration fee that resulted in the agricultural land which still exists. And once you have booked your cheap flights to Saskatchewan you can then decide on the sites that you would want to explore.

Prince Albert National Park

The popular Prince Albert National Park has a slightly undulating landscape that has huge lakes, aspen-dotted uplands and spruce bogs. The First Nations people used to stay here for several years and there’s many archaeological evidence of the times, when the winters were several where the prairie tribes had shifted to the north of the sheltered woodlands, thereby balancing with the people that stayed here. The creatures of this park differ in terms of its habitat. Here you will come across the second largest colony of the white pelican at the Lavallee Lake, which is a roaming herd of the Sturgeon River Plains Bison, in addition to the black bear, fox, wolf, eagles, caribou and the lynx that is located in the north forests. You will also come across the badger, squirrel, coyote, deer and the elk in parkland in south. The Grey Owl happens to be a vibrant as well as controversial naturalist of the 1930’s that stayed in this park for many years within a little log cabin that is known as the “Beaver Lodge” at the Ajawaan Lake.

Be there at the RCMP Heritage Centre

The RCMP Heritage Centre is considered to be the biggest of its kind in entire Canada that comes with its grand displays of weapons, equipment, photographs and many more. Here both the Sergeant Major’s Parade (that takes place at the Parade Square, alternately in Drill Hall in winter or in case of unfavourable weather) as well as the Sunset Retreat (summer) draw in huge sections of locals as well as tourists. The latter is a vibrant flag ceremony that comprises of a parade of recruits along with a marching band, thereby harking back to tattoos of 18th and 19th century by the British military tradition.

Fort Walsh National Historic Site

Fort Walsh National Historic Site got founded way back in 1875 under the guidance of James Walsh! This site was intended to halt the illegal trade of whisky and has become one of the most crucial posts in West. During its existence, this fort had discussed many aspects of the trade with whisky traders, several Sioux warriors and the native people that had taken refuge in Canada post the clashes with U.S cavalry. In addition to that, following this building of railway as well as of return of Sioux people to USA, this fort had been taken apart and then left. Back in 1942, the popular Royal Canadian Mounted Police had acquired the land and has established a ranch meant to breed horses.

Explore the Batoche National Historic Site

Batoche happens to be headquarters of the popular Métis, Louis Riel at the time of the 1885 Northwest Rebellion. This is also the place where this rebellion had ceased finally after a decisive war. This place showcases some of the exhibits that highlight the way of life in Metis along with certain events about the rebellion and the battle that followed in the year 1885. In addition to that, there’s also the presbytery, that still highlights the bullet-holes and shell that belongs to the battle along with the Church of St. Antoine de Padoue which is a stunning museum now. In addition to that, the graves of Letendre and Dumont, which happens to be a huge mass of fallen Metis can be located in this churchyard.

Be there at the Regina

Regina is a popular cultural and commercial center that you must visit on your tour. This place enjoys a great economic prosperity and it also boasts a wide selection of arts and heritage tourist sites comprising the shimmering Royal Saskatchewan Museum and Mackenzie Art Gallery close to the parkland of Wascana Centre close to the Wascana Lake. In addition to that, there are parades as well as many other military-tattoos like shows and events that are also a popular attraction of this cenrer. So once you book your cheap flights to Saskatchewan make sure that you add this site to your list of sightseeing attractions here.

Spend some time at Saskatoon

Vibrant Saskatoon is a quaint city situated on South Saskatchewan River. Here the tourist sites comprises of the local heritage, right from the very first Prairies inhabitants at Wanuskewin Heritage Park to that of the European settles as well as culture as the Ukrainian Museum of Canada. In addition to that, the biggest of the province’s four Western Development Museums is situated in the city and it showcases a stunning recreated main street that is termed as the “Boomtown 1910”.

So all you have to do now is book your cheap flights to Saskatchewan from and you are all set to enjoy a great vacation in this prairie region.

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