Explore the best tourist sites of Fredericton

Explore the best tourist sites of Fredericton

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Fredericton is a located at the lower reaches of St. John River in a beautiful way, where the riverside walking trails connect with a compact downtown that is replete with brick heritage buildings. This city is said to be the capital of the New Brunswick province in eastern Canada. However, it comprises of the busy cafes as well as active cultural scenes that attract several visitors. Travelers, who want to visit this place within their budget, can make the most of the cheap flights to Fredericton available on bookairfare.com.

Furthermore, the New Brunswick city had expanded out of a quaint Acadian settlement, which is Pointe Ste-Anne and was founded by the popular French-speaking immigrants in and around 1732. This place has also prospered at the time when the American loyalists had settled here, from the year 1868 onwards. So once you have booked your cheap flights to Fredericton you can make the most of the sights that are popular here. Discussed below are some of the famous sites you can add in your sightseeing list.

Explore the popular Garrison District

Right from the year 1784 till 1869, the British Garrison was located on the two-block tract that is located between the Queen Street as well as the river. Several structures in the Garrison District dates back to that time and today it happen to be a hub for several festivals and museums in this city. There are ancient walking tours that take place right from the earlier military compound during summer. There is also the Fredericton Region Museum that has been housed as an extension to the officer’s quarters and that offers a strong idea about the history of the region. Here there are costumed interpreters that are sometimes on-site and also alternating on the guard ceremony, which is a popular attraction. There are many other enterprises inside the Garrison District that comprise of the NB Sports Hall of Fame along with the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design, a place where the tourists can have a look at the artisans at their work.

Visit the Christ Church Cathedral

The popular Christ Church Cathedral located in Fredericton, which is an Anglican diocesan church is a stunning and classy building. That aside, this church was established back in the Neo-Gothic style in the middle of the 19th century. Here you will come across the stained glass as well as the wooden interior that are artistic work one can have a look at. That aside, the attention of the tourists are usually drawn towards the gravestone of the initial Anglican bishop of Fredericton that was created in the form that isn’t always found in North America. This cathedral also hosts several summer recital series that brings us to a blend of genres to this chapel.

Head to the Playhouse

Situated close to the legislature, tourists can have a look at the Playhouse in Fredericton that owes a huge amount of its existence to the greatest patron of the town, known as Lord Beaverbrook. This person was also known to fund the initial theatrical troupe that existed in the province. That aside, the Playhouse provides a wide range of dance, music and theatre performances every year. This place happens to be a daily stop for the travelers as well as performers and is a blend of Canadian favorites, global stars and a bit of the local talent. So once you book your cheap flights to Fredericton add this site to your sightseeing list.

Be there at the Legislative Assembly Building

The recent Legislative Assembly Building has been the center as well as the mark of democracy since the year 1982 at a time when it completely substituted the building that was demolished by the fire two years back. The high conference chamber here is excellent. That aside, the visitors can also admire the stunning portraits of King George III as well as that of Queen Charlotte by the popular artist Joshua Reynolds. That aside, in the parliamentary library there was a compact set of engravings done in copper-plate from the popular “Birds of America” by none other than John James Audubon (1785-1851) who happens to be a Haitian-born American artist.

Explore the Fredericton City Hall

Finished way back in 1876, the popular Fredericton City Hall happens to be a 3 storey brick structure that was created back in a slightly towering, Second Empire design. This hall once used to be the house of the police station, city market as well as a jail in addition to other civic services. The traveler’s information hub is what is most crucial amidst the tourists.

Enjoy the sight of the St. John River

The stroll of the St. Jhon River divides the city and happens to be a primary source of recreation, both on and off the water. That aside, the trails and parks line the St. John River banks and here you will also come across the watercrafts and the boats that utilize the slow river that spans across widely. In addition to that, there is also the Bill Thorpe Walking Bridge that spans across the banks close to the downtown which has converted a railway bridge that’s open to the bicycles and the pedestrians. It happens to be a part of both the Trans-Canada and the provincial trail systems. In addition to that, the external town, little ferries also cross the river in order to connect with the rural roads across the marshlands and farms.

Be there at the Mactaquac Provincial Park

It is the power-generating Mactaquac Dam that has been instrumental in altering the area’s landscape in a positive way, comprising this provincial park that spans across 1,300-acre along with its campground, which is a 18-hole golf course and that also provides freshwater beaches. There is also the Kings Landing Historical Settlement that spans across 14 kilometres upstream from this dam and is yet another impact of the heightened river levels. When this dam got created, the heritage buildings in the flooded region got moved to the Prince William. The costumed interpreters today recreate a 19th century settlement across the history museum.

Hence, get set to book your cheap flights to Fredericton from bookairfare.com and head out for a wonderful journey to this great city.

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