Top Tourist Attractions in Florida Keys

Top Tourist Attractions in Florida Keys

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It is towards the southern side of Miami, that Florida Keys is located. Described best as a festoon of coral island of different size that stretch for over 110 miles, Florida Keys falls between the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic. It is until there was a jeopardising hurricane back in 1025 that it was connected through a rail line that expands to the Key West, from where boats went to Havana, Cuba. The smart engineered Overseas Highway, US 1 today runs more than 42 bridges and also there are multiple cause ways that have been made artificially on the south-eastern tip of the United States. The small islands of Elliot Key, Sands Key, Old Rhodes Key and Cotton Key off the Biscayne Bay, today happens to be a part of the Biscayne National Underwater Park that has been created back in 1980. Off the Key Largo there is the John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park along with Key Largo National Marine Sanctuary. Therefore, exploring Florida Keys would mean booking cheap flights to Florida from and saving big to splurge whilst you are here.

However, back in the earlier times there were pirates that made use of Keys as a transient base at the time of the pillaging runs. However, many activities got halted back in 1822 at the time when U.S Navy was starting to Patrol the waters and establish base in the Key West. The coral reefs here are one and only that is there in United States. It had an important part to play in the area’s earlier economic development. There were times when the ships got crashed inside the shallow reefs and the locals had salvaged the cargo in order to resell it, the act of which is known as “wrecking”. This was considered to be one of the initial industries that got developed here. In terms if the tourist attractions, discussed below are few names that you can explore here.

John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park’

John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park_ - Off Axis Production

Offside Key Largo resides the John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park and Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary that happens to be the only existing coral reef here. The underwater life along with a certain amount of wrecks here attracts many scuba divers and snorkelers. This park also has got a tiny swimming area that happens to be a shell covered beach. However, there were many people that come here to dive or snorkel. Here there are also the beautiful picnic spots along with an information hub that showcases data on the marine life.  A mix of tours is available here, that comprises of the boat tours for a closer assessment underneath the surface of the ocean. The longest of the Florida Keys that is Key Largo offers a good initiation point for the Keys lifestyle along diving scopes, tackle shops and marinas.

 Hemingway House

 Situated in the Key West, it is the earlier residence of the popular author Ernest Hemingway. Today, this is a major landmark in terms of Florida’s cultural history. Tourists and travelers are allowed to explore the home and catch a glimpse of the roaming cats that are said to be the descendants of the original cats that were kept by the author.

Dry Tortugas National Park

 Situated in the serene, deep blue waters of Gulf of Mexico, at a distance of almost 70 miles away from Key West, is the well-known Dry Tortugas National Park that can be accessed only via a seaplane or a boat. This archipelago 7 beach ringed islands houses the Fort Jefferson, which is a mammoth fortification occupying one entire island. Today there are several visitors that come to tour the island from Key West.


 Marathon can be defined as a popular sport-fishing hub in Key West. The charters can be arranged easily from here. Furthermore, the habitats on this island can also be traced back to the year 1800’s. Back in the year 1908, the Henry Flagler’s overseas railway had reached Marathon village which also was transformed as the headquarters of railroad’s ultimate Key West expansion.

National Key Deer Refuge

National Key Deer Refuge - Arend Trent

 Situated in between the Key West and the Marathon, the Big Pine Key is said to be the hub for a wide selection of Key deer as well as the National Key Deer Refuge. The minute species here reaches its size that is of a complete, full dog that is completely grown.  This refuge was established back in 1957 and it was established rather as a sanctuary for the Key deer which is an endangered species that in turn was said to be almost non-existent back in 1950 owing to several hunting activities. In addition to that, along with the Big Pine Key, there is a Blue Water Hole, a clear water pond that is situated in an earlier quarry that further attracts the alligators and the turtles.

 Bahia Honda State Park

 Bahia Honda State Park is said to be the place that has the stunning beach located in the Keys and possibly in entire Florida. Furthermore, this park in reality separates two beach areas, a small beach region and a huge expanse of the open that in turn overlooks the oil railroad bridge. The views are here stunning and scenic. If you want to enjoy picnic and also camping around, there are regions dedicated to that as well.

Thus Florida in Key West has a world to offer. From the historical buildings to the beach fun along with coral leaves, this city is for the one that love to explore and swears by adventure. However, if you are willing to enjoy the beach culture here, then you will have reduce your inhibitions if any, get into your beach wear and head to the waters. However, for all this you need to get browsing and opt in for the cheap flights to Florida, and head to the city to enjoy a memorable vacation.

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